BSRIA BG 4/ 2009 Definition: ‘Soft Landings a framework for better briefing, design, handover and building performance in-use’.

Soft Landings

The purpose of the framework is to smooth the transition into use, and to address problems that post occupancy evaluations reveal.

The Commissioning Manager is a technical role to coordinate the commissioning of the building and its engineering services in an efficient manner. One of its outcomes is to set a datum of performance at practical completion.

This is used to benchmark and against building performance in-use data collected during post occupancy evaluations.

Post occupancy evaluation gives feedback to fine tune building performance, manage occupant expectations and feed-forward to develop, refine techniques and technology. Our skill sets allow us to input through the following activities:-

  • First Stage – Design Stage
  • Second Stage - Construction Phase
  • Post Handover