We offer our ‘Environmental Performance’ analysis service to those experiencing challenges achieving environmental conditions within their buildings.

Environmental Investigations

Our multi-disciplined team, offer the necessary experience to investigate and recommend method of rectification. This may well be highlighting problems with existing systems or perhaps identifying a shortfall in the performance of those systems.

  • Sound level measurement and analysis: We carry out sound level measurement to ensure compliance with environmental requirements or investigate areas where noise problems are being experienced.
  • Simulated load and environmental testing: We provide for hire sensible and latent heat load for performance testing plant / equipment serving areas for which environmental conditions are critical.
  • Data Logging: Air & water flows, temperature, energy consumption, humidity's, and in fact most environmental conditions can be monitored. We produce results in text or graphical format which can be used to analyse a complete building's operation. This information can then be used to assist in rectifying problems, monitoring performance and benchmarking purposes.