CIBSE Code A & W – Definition:

‘Commissioning is the advancement of an installation from the state of static completion to full working order to specified requirements. For distribution systems it includes the setting to work of an installation and the regulation of flow’.

HVAC Commissioning

(Air & Water Balancing):
Our direction as HVAC Commissioning Engineers is to bring fluid flow rates throughout a distribution system into balance to achieve flow rates within tolerances specified by the design.

The outcome measurements are documented as a concise report incorporating results expressed as numerical quantity together within allowable tolerances and repeatable at witness.

Our HVAC Commissioning model which follows CIBSE guidelines and BSRIA application guides provides a robust framework which allows us to consistently perform and meet this goal. Part L Building Regulations seek to improve the performance of buildings through better commissioning, this criteria achieves BREEAM credits with the aim to achieve optimum performance under actual occupancy conditions.